Shimcheon Digital Forum

Dentium held ‘Digital Transformation’ in Shimcheon on last September 8( Saturday).

In this forum, Dentium suggested direction of digital dentistry by introducing various products such as LAB products and rainbow™ CT、Digital Guide Kit、and rainbow™ Metal Mill etc., and received many favorable reviews by introducing relative services which company are providing.

In particular, hands-on field for experiencing new products including digital guide kit and scan abutment was provided.

It was said that scan abutment raised the degree of completion of final prosthesis not only in digital but also in analogue type impression taking method by reducing error.

Also, excellence of the product was able to be confirmed through clinical cases in the lecture.

In the lecture, Prof ZhouLei and Dr. Junghyun Park(Boa Dental Clinic) gave a lecture and shared their respective Korean and Chinese clinical cases.

Dr. Sungmin Jung(Well Dental Clinic) in particular drew attention by appealing the image of leading digital dentistry company by introducing many cases in which digital guide and scan abutment were utilized.

Also, Dentium is planning to accelerate on targeting European and overseas market through Budapest from on October.