Leading the Digital Dentistry market of India

Dentium leads digital trend in domestic market in India by holding a large scale forum for Indian dentists.

Dentium(Inc.) held a large scale 3 day forum in 3 main focus cities of India from last August 11  to 13.

This program of which main title was "Digital Transformation" was finished in Kolkala with great success which started from Mumbai that is a western central city of India and went through Bangalore.

Also on 14th, Dentium participated in CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility ), a social contribution activity of India.

In this 3 day forum in particular, Dentium's status in Indian market was able to be confirmed.

In Mumbai and Bangalore seminars which were progressed during weekend, approximately 150 local dentists gathered respectively, and the program which was processed during weekdays in Kolkata also underwent, being participated by many dentists.

The participants of the forum showed high satisfaction on the lecture on "Digital Dentistry" and " Advanced Implantology."

In 3 day lecture in particular, majority of Indian participants showed great interest on guide surgery and scan abutment etc. which are rising as new field in local India through "Digital Transformation" by Dr. Seongmin Jeong( Well Dental Clinic ), and they also showed their will to participate in the relative Dentium program in the future.

Also, Dr. T.V. Narayan drew attention of the participants by introducing more in-depth bone augmentation technique by utilizing Dentium bone graft material such as OsteonⅡ and collagen membrane.

Sinus augmentation hands-on session by Dr. Kenal  which was performed in Mumbai enhanced the excellence of Dentium products, suggesting the possibility of various utilization of DASK.

On 14th which was the last day of the schedule, there was a talent donation event of implant surgery with a slogan "India and Dentium that grow together".

Free implant surgery and opportunity of medical experience for low-income population were provided, and the dentists who performed the surgeries participated in the event without  hesitation and graced the occasion.

Dentium authority said that "In implant market of India as well, demand for transition from analogue field to digital field is increasing.", and also said that "Dentium will run various programs that could lead the implant trend of India continuously."

Dentium is holding a world forum in Budapest on this coming October 27th, and many main dentists will be participating as well.